The Crew

Kisa Clark

Kisa Clark is a graduate of the University of Arkansas earning an M.A. in Communication. She received her B.A. in Mass Communication from Missouri Southern State University where she made her first documentary film Not an Ordinary Kansas Garden: A Documentary Exploring the Grassroots Art and Town of Lucas, Kansas. Her interests are media studies, documentary film production, and teaching. 

Scott Ramsey

Scott Ramsey has an MFA in Collaborative Design and a Master’s degree in documentary filmmaking at the University of Arkansas. He received his BA in Art from Lyon College. He brings a diverse background of art, technology, and spirituality to his passion for telling stories. His filmography includes Courageous Journey: the story of Dr. Joycelyn Elders, The Architect of Watercolor: the art of George Dombek, Into the Vortex, NextStepRun!, Moka Meditations, and Someday Maybe.

The Cast

Dr. Joycelyn Elders

Dr. Joycelyn Elders is a pediatric endocrinologist and the 15th Surgeon General of the U.S. She served as the Arkansas Director of the Department of Health from 1987-1993. She is also a Professor Emeritus at the University of Arkansas Medical School.  

Oliver “Coach” Elders

Oliver Elders married Joycelyn on February 14, 1960. He is a National High School Sports Hall-of-Fame retired high school basketball coach who coached at Little Rock Mann and Hall high schools.  

Rev. Chester Jones

Reverend Chester Jones is a United Methodist Minister and currently is serving as Pastor at the St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Little Rock. He is Dr. Elders’ younger brother. 

Dr. Lee Lee Doyle

Dr. Lee Lee Doyle, PhD, is a retired professor of the University of Arkansas Medical School in the Ob-Gyn Department. She also established and managed the TOPPS teen maternity clinic.  She was a colleague of Dr. Elders at UAMS.

Tom Butler

Tom Butler served as Deputy Director during Elders’ tenure at the Arkansas Department of Health. He is recently retired from the University of Arkansas Medical School as Vice Chancellor for Administration and Government Affairs.

Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes is an award winning journalist and native of Arkansas. He has been on air since 1968. He is the host of “Arkansas Week” on AETN and also has work published nationally. He covered Dr. Elders during her time in Arkansas and produced a special segment on her work at the Department of Health which aired nationally on MacNeil/ Lehrer NewsHour.  

Patrick Flanagin

Representative Patrick Flanagin served in the Arkansas State Legislature House of Representatives for Forrest City, AR. He worked closely with Dr. Elders and the Health Department.

Jay Bradford

Commissioner Jay Bradford was appointed the Arkansas Insurance Commissioner in 2005. He served in the Arkansas State Legislature in both the House and Senate for over 24 years. He was a legislative supporter of Dr. Elders while he was serving as Senator for Pine Bluff, AR.

Nancy Kirsch

Nancy Kirsch is a retired long-time employee of the Arkansas Department of Health. She was part of Dr. Elders’ senior staff at the Department of Health and went to Washington D.C. to work on her staff in the Surgeon General’s office. 

Virgil Turner

Virgil Turner is a childhood friend and neighbor from Schaal, AR. Learn more about life in Schaal from Virgil in our video under the Bonus Features tab.